10 ways to avoid “zoom gloom”

While online platforms for meetings are convenient, currently necessary, and can provide a measure of connection, if we depend on them too much, they can leave us feeling more disconnected, isolated, and depleted than we expect. This post looks at why this happens and offers some tips to curb the gloom of Zoom.

A Physician’s Perspective on Elective Abortion

I often think about my patient’s lives outside of my office; their victories, their struggles, their heartaches and joys, and how these issues in their life might affect whatever is concerning them medically speaking. As a women’s health physician, included in those issues that I consider is abortion. With such a serious topic as abortion, I find myself asking many questions…questions I would urge everyone to deeply consider. 

Life (or health) of the Mother

Most Americans on both sides of the abortion debate are familiar with arguments for ending a pregnancy when the life of the mother is threatened. Newer legislation, however, will often add the words “or health” of the mother. This post examines the problematic nature of the addition of the words “or health” when describing the pregnancy as a danger to the mother.