Hand Over Fist

“When it comes to civility, the church needs a hand …”

Incivility among Christians has been referred to as “a cannibal culture,” “venomous,” “pandemic,” and “anything but Christlike.”
Why is it so hard for Christians to have a civil conversation anymore?

We need the humility to open our hands and ask for help, the boldness to lift up our hand to incivility and say, “Enough,”
and the confidence to hold out our hand to offer help and guidance to others.

That’s hard to do with a clenched fist.

In his book, Hand Over Fist: An Invitation to Christ-Centered Civility,
Dr. Kevin D. Glenn provides the Christian  community with tools to recognize various forms of conflict,
interpret those  conflicts appropriately, and engage those conflicts
through a process that equips and empowers Christians to participate in civil discourse.

And the key to all of it is in the palm of your hand…

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Here’s what others are saying about Hand Over Fist …

“What can we do to stop the incivility epidemic in politics, at work, at home and even in the church? Start by reading this book. Combining humor and wisdom, stories and truth, Kevin Glenn invites his readers to follow Christ in a movement toward compassionate civility that will yield spiritual, emotional and relational rewards for those who accept his invitation.”
Dr. David T. Lamb Associate professor of Old Testament, Biblical Seminary Author of God Behaving Badly

“Kevin Glenn’s Hand Over Fist offers hope to those in the front-lines of the Christian faith that an open-handed generosity of spirit and gentle civility can turn conflicts of interest into communities of imagination and integrity.
Lori Wagner Pastor, Poet, Co-Author of The Seraph Seal

“Civil disagreement and even debate, when done in the spirit of Christ, are healthy and helpful. But when disagreements descend into second-guessing motives, distortions of one another’s words, mischaracterizations of one another’s views, and personal attacks, then we’ve moved into the flesh. The net is that the name of Jesus gets tarnished in no small way. So how do we change that? Kevin’s book contributes to this question with elegance, grace, and humor. And I’m glad it exists.”
Frank Viola Blogger, Speaker, Author of Jesus Now, Revise Us Again, Beyond Evangelical, http://www.frankviola.com

Hand Over Fist presents us with on-the-ground, everyday practices of ‘critical thinking’ that make true criticism a form of cheer-leading and civility. Here is a book that shows how, when criticism lashes out at you, red in tooth and claw, you can keep it red, but red in forgiveness and compassion.”
Dr. Leonard Sweet E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism – Drew University, Distinguished Visiting Professor – George Fox University, Semiotician, Author of The Well-Played Life, Giving Blood, and co-author of Jesus: A Theography

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