Leading and Responding Wisely to COVID-19

It goes without saying that these are unusual times. My wife and I went for some groceries last night and ended up making stops at four places to get what we were looking for. It was a Friday evening, but the typically bustling restaurants, bars, malls, parks, and movie theaters were empty. My wife described it being empty like Christmas day, but without all the optimism. Still, I’ve found the people in stores to be incredibly friendly, even if uneasy. We’re all in this thing together, after all.

This Sunday, the same will be true for churches, whose facilities, usually full of people, will be altogether empty, or like the church I lead, will have a skeleton crew facilitating online worship (appropriately distanced, of course!).

Then Monday will come around again, and many of us will work from home with the kids at home. How should we best respond to all this? For those of us who are in some sort of leadership role, what’s the best way to navigate this new normal?

For the next few posts, I’d like to share articles, videos, etc… on the questions above. My hope is these will provide some clarity and direction on how to think, respond, and lead well in these unusual times.

More to come. Be well!


One thought on “Leading and Responding Wisely to COVID-19

  1. The Peter Wehner article in The Atlantic is very good. We are all very affected by COVID 19 and we are all interconnected. I’m a nurse at MVRMC but have been on medical leave since January. My colleagues at the hospital can’t practice social distancing. I only leave my apartment for groceries and doctor appointments. I’m scheduled for surgery 3/27 but have been told my surgery could be cancelled due to COVID 19. My daughter lives in NYC and is working from home and only leaving her apartment for necessities. My parents are both in Assisted Living Facilities here in Las Cruces and can’t have any visitors. I was contacted by the Ombudsman for the State of N.M. recently to make sure I understand the restrictions regarding my parents. Every one of us has a particular story in this. I am practicing stillness and listening to the whisper of God. #AloneTogether

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