A Lament for Those Hurting

A Lament for people:
All people.
I grieve for both Christians and Muslims killed by radicalized Islamic terrorists.
I grieve for Barron Trump when “comedians” publish photos of his Father’s decapitated head.
I grieved for Sasha and Malia Obama when Christians compared their Dad to the Anti-Christ.
I grieve when whites kill blacks and when blacks kill whites, and for how both sides at different times have justified the violence toward the other.
I grieve when people; gay, straight, bi-sexual, transgendered, or questioning, are dehumanized by others in the name of God, whose Son gave His life for their redemption.
I grieve when Christians are bombed in Egypt while worshipping, and I grieve when Muslims are run down by a vehicle in London while leaving their place of worship.
I grieved when I learned that Google searches for “ni**er” jokes spiked after the election and re-election of Barak Obama, particularly in the “Bible Belt.”
I grieve when Shakespeare in the Park’s “Julius Caesar” assassination scene uses a look-a-like of President Trump; to the applause of the audience.
But we must do more than passively grieve.
If you are human, you bear a responsibility to be part of the solution to the dehumanizing incivility in our culture. You do not have to agree politically or religiously, but you MUST step in, speak up, and turn this tide.
If you claim to be a follower of Jesus and you defend any of the injustices above, and if you are not willing to take on your calling to embody your love for God by manifesting love for your neighbor, then your confession of Christ is little more than an act of taking his name in vain.
Join me in prayer:
God, help us …
Help us defend each other.
Help us call out each other.
Help us better argue with each other.
Help us better agree with each other.
Help us learn that we need each other.
Help us learn from each other.
Help us learn to forgive each other.
Help us live for each other.
Help us learn to love each other.
God, help us to help each other.
God, help us …

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