website and blog of Dr. Kevin D Glenn

Leadership Seminars

Leadership 101
Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership
Reaching and Releasing Your Potential
Attitude…What Makes or Breaks Every Leader
Leading from the Passenger Seat: How to Lead When You’re Not In Charge
Leadership from the Inside Out
Leadership Through Followship
I Err, Therefore I Lead: Leadership in the Margin of Error
Time Out: Using, Abusing, and Redeeming Time

Seminars for Youth Pastors and Lay Leaders

Emotionally Healthy Youth Leaders
Partners or Pests? Discipling college-age volunteers
What’s next? Staying the course after the rookie year in youth ministry.
Mars Hill Ministry – Reaching the World Through Pop Culture
Ministering to kids who cut
Establishing a Healthy Partnership with your Senior Pastor
Raising the bar in Middle School Ministry
Like Grabbing Jell-O: Reaching Middle School Boys
Helping Parents Become Your Biggest Fans
Beyond Right and Wrong…Training Students to Apply Wisdom
Why Students Are Walking Away From Their Faith

Seminars for Parents of Teenagers
Raising Emotionally Healthy Teenagers
Getting Inside The Teenage Mind
Ready or Not, Here They Come! Preparing your Kids for the AdolescentYears
Understanding Generation iY
Talking to Your Teenagers About Sex
Life Coaching Your Teenager
Parenting in the Real World
Raising Kids or Raising Adults? Helping Teenagers Grow Up
Off They Go – Preparing Your Kids for the College Years
Why Our Kids Are Abandoning The Faith  

Seminars are approximately 3 hours in length, but can be expanded or shortened based on your needs.

For more information on booking Kevin for your organization, contact him here:

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