What to take with you when discussing “Left Behind.”

Internet and social media outlets are alive with links, shares, posts, comments, and other sorts of communication surrounding the release of the film, Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage. Everything from the film’s quality, to its theology, and even the presence of Nick Cage is on the table for discussion and debate. I am concerned over the combustible combination of faith-based film and eschatology. Both of these elements are high-octane fuel for great conversation, but together they must be handled with great care. The combination can easily ignite into some ugly, volatile, and uncivil rhetoric that can unnecessarily burn bridges that may have taken a long time to build.


Why is this?

Find out by reading the remainder on the Associated Baptist Press web site. Click Here



2 thoughts on “What to take with you when discussing “Left Behind.”

  1. I read your blog on Baptist News and agree there needs to be civility when addressing this issue. It is not something to be overly dogmatic about. What is sad, is the lack of respect that commentators are showing towards brothers and sister in Christ who believe in a pre trib rapture. If you disagree that is fine, but to paint those who believe in the rapture as ignorant or combative and unreasonable is not right….it is not characteristic of the Holy Spirit to be this mean spirited. This blog post is written from the perspective that we are all bound to run in to those crazy pre trib people and they will possibly even question our salvation, but we must be careful to rise above their pettiness and not act like them. This is arrogant and offensive my brother. How much more Christ honoring would it have been had you just stated the truth: we might disagree on this issue but please remember no matter what you believe about the tribulation and the rapture we are all brothers in Christ therefore be respectful.

    1. David,

      You have proven the author’s point.

      Exactly where did the author share his perspective on the end times? He didn’t. So how can you claim to know the perspective he’s writing from?

      For all you know, he could himself believe in a pre-trib rapture.

      You’re calling his article arrogant? His article calls for humility and patience as differing perspectives are discussed.

      You assumed too much and brought out the labels – exactly what he said to expect when discussing the topic.

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