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Tolle Lege! Fall 2014 Reading List

October 21, 2014

Howdy Friends!

A lot of you have asked about the books I mention in my sermons or blog posts. Specifically, you’ve asked if I would provide a list of what I’m reading. I’ve compiled my Fall 2014 Reading List – hope you find these helpful.


Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter are at the Heart of Spiritual Life– James Martin

Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity – Alan Seigel & Irene Etzkorn

I Beg to Differ: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love –Tim Muehloff

Mud, Sweat, and Tears – Bear Gyrlls

A Time to Embrace: Same-Gender Relationships in Religion, Law, and Politics – William Stacy Johnson

Preaching in an Age of Distraction – J. Ellsworth Kallas

The Thinking Life: How to Thrive in an Age of Distraction – P.M. Forni

How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the art and science of persuasion and motivation – Susan Weinschenk

Surprised by Scripture – N.T. Wright

And Finally … Hand Over Fist: An Invitation to Christ-Centered Civility – Kevin D. Glenn – get your copy here!

Tolle Lege!

What to take with you when discussing “Left Behind.”

October 9, 2014

Internet and social media outlets are alive with links, shares, posts, comments, and other sorts of communication surrounding the release of the film, Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage. Everything from the film’s quality, to its theology, and even the presence of Nick Cage is on the table for discussion and debate. I am concerned over the combustible combination of faith-based film and eschatology. Both of these elements are high-octane fuel for great conversation, but together they must be handled with great care. The combination can easily ignite into some ugly, volatile, and uncivil rhetoric that can unnecessarily burn bridges that may have taken a long time to build.


Why is this?

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